Corwin Wong
Author of PLUM - God's Design for Sex
Follower of Jesus, husband of Mandy, and father of four beautiful human beings
God created sex to first be an act of worship, and secondly as  a gift for men and women to enjoy, all for His  glory.
"Our youth ministry was greatly blessed in hearing Corwin's P.L.U.M. seminar! The best part of the P.L.U.M. seminar was that it was saturated with Scripture in its entirety and we were able to see how the Bible was the driving force in creating the P.L.U.M. concept. Corwin's delivery was not only refreshingly open and honest about his past struggles, but also engaging from beginning to end. I'd highly recommend bringing Corwin to your ministry to share on the extremely important and timely topic of sexual purity in a broken world." ​​
.-Scott (Youth Pastor)
In our postmodern society, personal opinion and whatever feels right to the individual, reigns. And this has permeated the way we think about everything, including person-hood, marriage, and sexual morality. Corwin Wong in his P.L.U.M. seminars provides a Biblical and simple pattern by which the church might come to a Biblical worldview concerning God's design for people in marriage and sexual morality. This topic is too important to not address, and Corwin's handling of it makes it accessible and implementable for all willing to engage the topic.
-Paul (Pastor)
PLUM - God's Design for Sex
I want to hear your feedback on the various hot topics and discussions that will undoubtedly occur as a result of talking about sex!

TOPICS THAT WILL BE ADDRESSED INCLUDE: pornography, masturbation, homosexuality, sexual abuse, unexpected pregancies, abortion, adoption, surrogacy, and just about any other topic that is related to God's design for sex and the implications of PLUM
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