Corwin Wong
Author of PLUM - God's Design for Sex
Follower of Jesus, husband of Mandy, and father of four beautiful human beings

How I Discovered PLUM in the Bible

When Mandy and I were going though our most difficult marital struggles  that surrounded our sexual relationship, and after several attempts of seeking help through some of the most popular Christian marriage/sex books. I decided to  search God's Word specifically concerning on what it says about sex and the marriage relationship. 

​STEP 1: 
The first observations I made going through the Bible were narrowing down the purposes of sex to four  general purposes: Pleasure, Love, Unity, and Multiplying.

My next observation was based upon answering the question,

"If God created us in His image in order for us to glorify Him  with our lives, how are these four purposes of sex supposed to reflect His image?"

I was astounded at my discovery of how beautifully God designed the purposes of sex to reflect His image and character, not only in a way that brings Him glory but also  in a way that teaches people about who He is and actually communicates the Gospel message. 

My next step was to compare my new findings (the purposes of sex and how they reflect God's image) to all of the instances in Scripture I could find where sex is referred to in a sinful manner. After this is where I came across the most significant discovery about God's purposes for sex: Every instance of sexual sin in the Bible neglects at least one of God's four purposes of sex. 

What I see in the Bible is that God created a beautiful system of structure and accountability that keeps sex sacred for those who desire to enjoy such an awesome gift. When sex is used according to all four of its purposes, it is IMPOSSIBLE for sex to be used selfishly and in a way that would cause harm (physical and/or emotional) to those who partake of it.

Many would see PLUM as far too restrictive upon sexual relationships, but I see it as God's way of keeping it pure and holy so that it is used in such a way that it properly reflects His image and character