Corwin Wong
Author of PLUM - God's Design for Sex
Follower of Jesus, husband of Mandy, and father of four beautiful human beings

PLUM is a theology of sex that comes out of Mandy's and my testimony of our first 2 years of marriage and how the various Christian marriage/sex books did not address the real issues we were dealing with. After studying God's Word (the Bible) in hopes of finding answers to our questions, PLUM was formulated out of God's already existing authoritative word.
 We know that we are not alone when sharing our stories of struggles with intimacy in the beginning of our marriage, and seek to build up the church of believers in Jesus Christ by helping others to glorify God with their bodies.

 It is our prayer that marriages and lives will be blessed by having a better understanding of God's design for sex and what an amazing gift it was meant to be.

Conclusion: Sexual sin occurs ANYTIME one or more of these purposes are neglected. When all four of God's purposes of sex are being  used together, it is IMPOSSIBLE for sex to be used selfishly or sinfully. Most importantly, when all four purposes are used together, sex is a form of worship to God by properly representing what is good and holy in His image.